Thoughts on “Permanent Fat Loss

  1. William Anderson says:

    Why did you link to that Video? It says nothing about the contract offer. All it says is they didn't like the offer.

  2. Susan Walker says:

    If you count indirectly it's obscenely common. In all likelihood somewhat mainstream, if your definition is lenient enough. It's just not acceptable to explicitly define.

  3. Elizabeth Garcia says:

    Whoa, she raped someone. Did the police get involved? Was she at least forever branded a rapist and shunned?

  4. James Clark says:

    SnapShots: 1, 2, Readability

  5. Jeff Campbell says:

    Thankfully no one had commented on this besides the OP when I made the post, I'd forgotten how bad this subreddit can be with stuff like this. Gotta love some of the amusing double standards that surround the anime community.