Thoughts on “The Kind Diet

  1. Mark Jones says:


  2. Michelle Harris says:

    See? Just because you say it doesn't make it so. And to break it down even further, I believe they are thanking God for rewarding their hard work in the gym, natural talents, etc. Not necessarily for kicking the other guy's ass.

  3. James Garcia says:

    This is way too vague for anyone to produce a counterresponse. For instance:

    Shin Sekai Yori is not as deep as people think it is
    Okay, define "deep." How does SSY supposedly fall into this category, and why does it actually not (according to you?)
    it went absolutely nowhere with the interesting world it built
    I mean it went somewhere obviously, so it's hard to really rebut a statement that's factually incorrect. What did you dislike about the direction?
    And the ending was terrible.
    Which part of the ending? And why do you think that?

  4. Mary Davis says:


  5. David Adams says:

    Apparently Im not allowed to wear clothes from anouther culture or racial group?

  6. Donald Thomas says: